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Engage Your Customers Directly & They Will Come Back More Often.  

Engaged customers are 5x more likely to buy again.

We work with you to craft a strategy to produce results.  The numbers don't lie.  We share all the analytics with you.  No more guessing what works.

BTW, Here's a few numbers to think about.

  • New customers are between 5x to 25x more expensive to capture than simply retaining your current customers.
  • Text messaging nets you a 45% response rate, while emails get you just a 6% response rate.
  • 95% of the text are read within 15 minutes.
  • Americans check their mobile phones 150x a day!  That's about every 6 minutes!
  • Text Coupons have redemption rates 10x higher than those of printed coupons.

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We'll be in the Palm of Your Hand!

70% of our customers sign-up after we demo what we can do.

“We would like to thank Texting Consultants for being so good to us and for increasing our database and sales by 45%. This program by far has been the best ‘bang for our buck’ in 32 years.”

- Rudy & Flavia Barrial, Owner, El Charro Mexican Restaurant, Cocoa, FL

“Texting Consultants has helped us boost attendance and engagement at the Brevard Symphony Orchestra. Thank you, Texting Consultants!”

- Kaori Suzuki Fischer, Sales Director, Brevard Symphony Orchestra

“We have been using texting consultant for almost two years. In the last 10 months we finally ‘worked’ the program with fantastic results. Our customer list has grown to over 2000 and our texts have increased our sales by 70+%.”

  • Lou Columbo, Owner, Merritt Island Now, Merritt Island, FL

“We have been using this product for years. It's a great way to reach our customers in this digital age, and a way to reward my loyal shoppers.”

  • Bobbi Whitmore, Owner, Bobbi’s at Parkside, Cocoa Village, FL

“I love this program. It continues to reward my customers and bring in ones that have not visited recently!! If you don't have it, you're missing out!”

  • Ryan Meyers, Owner, Love Bugs Doughnuts & Bakery, Melbourne, FL

“We were using Constant Contact for email marketing and have over 10,000 clients in our database that get weekly emails. Six months ago, we started text marketing and see that people respond better to texting than email. He has a unique program that sends ‘We miss you’ message with extra discount to people who has not shopped in 2 weeks or bigger discount for 4 weeks. This brings them back and results in sales.”

- Gem Gurgan, Owner, Hayes Meat Market

“We have used Texting Consultants for over 4 years. They are very efficient and have helped us tremendously with our customer base. They work with us to figure out our specific needs. We highly recommend Texting Consultants!”

  • Jason Estes, Owner, The Village Idiot Pub, Cocoa Village, FL

Need help increasing sales? We are experts!

Solutions to help you attract new customers and keep your current customers returning.

SMS & Text Alerts

Text alerts can be used to deliver real-time information to your contacts

Digital Kiosks

Guaranteed to drive participation by offering an immersive experience for contacts.

MMS Messaging

Deliver rich MMS content including audio, video, pics and up to 500 words of text.

Text Reminders

Reminders are a fast and efficient way to remind people of upcoming appointment or events.

Mobile Coupons

Deliver mobile coupons that can be easily redeemed and tracked.

Mobile Web

Engage your audience in visually appealing mobile content.

Mobile Surveys

Mobile surveys provide instant feedback and keep customers engaged.

Mobile Apps

Our experts will help you find and create the best App for you.

Text to Pledge

Allow your audience to pledge money right from their phones!

Emergency Alerts

Send time sensitive alerts and info to your constituents.

Text to Win

Get results with TExt to Win opportunities. People love them and will share with friends!

Web Forms

Design customizable opt-in forms for your website and Facebook fan pages!

A few of the Industries We Serve!

rest owner


  • Send a campaign with a coupon to invite new customers.
  • Use autoresponders to send out coupons a few days after a customer’s first visit.
  • Text Help Wanted Ads to attract New Staff.
  • Send time-sensitive discounts to drive immediate traffic, speed up slowdowns, and fill chairs.
  • Notify your customers about special events and musical guests and much more.


  • Drive in-store and / or online sales.
  • Text customers with special offers, coupons and limited time deals.
  • Purchase and delivery notifications make the customer experience even better.
  • Let customers know about your new stock "just in" and "going fast".
  • Use loyalty programs so people can register to receive special deals.


  • Welcome New Members Automatically
  • Send Out Promotional Offers
  • Send Out Class Schedule or Maintenance Updates
  • Send Encouraging Texts to Keep Members Coming Back
  • Send Plan Renewal Reminders
  • Send Invite a Friend Campaigns including Free Trials


  • Decrease no-shows by sending appointment reminders that get read immediately
  • Send messages to clients offering them rewards for booking during your slow times.
  • Send offers and promotions to entice repeat customers to come back again, more often.
  • Send bring a spouse or friend offers to bring in new customers
  • Offer tips, advice and gift ideas


  • Texts can keep your members up to date and engaged.
  • Send event notifications and reminders to drive better attendance.
  • Connect and communicate with members instantly with no lag time.
  • Send dues reminders.
  • Send SMS surveys to sample the voice of your members and drive engagement.
  • Ask for volunteers to help guide and work events and programs.


  • Get real time leads as buyers are parked in front of your listings!
  • The buyers can open links in the text message to view photos or video of the interior.
  • Send survey forms to prospects to narrow their listing focus.
  • Build larger contact databases from Open House events and Social Media links.

Need help increasing sales? We are experts!